It’s been ten long years since Derek Hale disappeared AGAIN.

He’d left without warning after losing everything for the second time around.

Coincidentally enough, all the strange goings on had died down almost completely during those same ten years.

The children of Beacon Hills grew up and each of them went about their own lives and each of them had taken their own path.

Scott and Allison were engaged now. After getting back together and breaking up, and then getting back together again, they decided it was about time they tied the knot. 

As for Lydia, she and Jackson had found each other again. Jackson came back and swept her off her feet like they were still teenagers, like they were never apart.

Then of course there was Stiles, who now worked with the police. He’s one of the best they have, in fact.  Stiles pretty much stayed the same, only with added scars and a stubble he’s too lazy to shave.

Yep, it was going swimmingly and there was almost a sense of normalcy among Beacon Hills for a long while…

Well, all until the past began to repeat itself.

Now things were going terribly wrong, people were being attacked, people were going missing.

Was it the return of the invisible mountain lion? More Alpha packs gone wild??

Whatever everyone else was thinking, Stiles knew that this was a serious case of the supernatural.

And of course whenever there’s something completely not human going on, Derek Hale just so happens to show up.

"It’s been a while, sourwolf. What brings you here after all these years?" Stiles asked.

"The same thing that brings you here, sheriff." Derek replied.


Future!Teen Wolf AU

I’m hoping to actually draw better stuff for this. T8

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